Moving Forward

Hello! Good morning! Or good evening, depending on where you are.

For those of you who don’t know me–which is to say, all of you–my name is Emma Kukuk. I’m a college student, but personality-wise, I’m still in kindergarten. I never take anything seriously, least of all myself.

I’ve decided to make this a sort of diary/writing blog. I’m a writing major, you see (I know, “unemployable” career choice, but I don’t see the point in majoring in something I hate and then spending my life in a box. I prefer to be free and happy, even if I’m living on the street).

Although seeing as how nothing really interesting happens to me (this is probably a lie), this will likely just end up being a writing blog. I’m very close to finishing my first manuscript you see. (Well not first, but first finished manuscript). So look forward to little vignettes!

Moving Forward

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