Mother Nature’s Lament

I’ve seen bloodbaths
I’ve seen wars and feuds and murder
I’ve seen children cut down prematurely
By indifferent hands

I’ve seen atrocities beyond imagination
So horrifying they seem hewn from myth
And hearts so cold that they laugh
As their enemies burn

I’ve seen returns and tearful embraces
Both joyous and sorrowful
I’ve seen relieved smiles and broken hearts
Leading to long-stretched years of happy insanity and dying hope

I’ve seen the romance of days
The celebrated return of loved ones
Leaps of faith across rebuilt bridges
Courage that transcends all life

I’ve seen love
Remarkable in itself
Such a pure happiness
Surprising in this broken age when wars scar the earth and mind

There’s no limit to what they’re capable of
I’ve seen hearts that seem to be cut from the same stone
I’ve seen death
A remembrance and parting
Never-changing and yet not the same
Like the golden sun and silver moon
Yearning in a cosmic dance
Entwined as one chaotic blissful being
For eternity.

Mother Nature’s Lament

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