March 20-21: Spring Equinox

This day marks the point at which Earth’s northern hemisphere begins to tilt back toward the sun on its axis. Today, the sun was directly at the equator after traveling back from the Tropic of Cancer. As the northern hemisphere tilts farther toward the sun, it should begin to warm.

And yet, recently it’s been colder than actual winter. Today there was so much snow–it was like a blizzard! Michigan is a cruel and bitter mistress at times; today was one of those times.

But despite the cold, Michigan is still beautiful; even in the cities, it is untamed. Nature creeps out of cracks in pavement and stretches to cover buildings in spangled ivy. There is a silent perseverance here that I have fallen in love with. I hope that love will last forever.

Although it would be nice to have actual spring.

March 20-21: Spring Equinox

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