sometimes my heart beats so fast
it takes me by surprise
and suddenly I’ll think of you
I don’t know why
will you tell me?
sometimes my head spins so much
that it makes me feel dizzy with joy
but only when you’re near
I can hear your heartbeat
and it beats fast, too
do you feel it?
sometimes my body aches
so sweetly feeling for you
that I cannot bear to tell it you aren’t here
only when you come back to me
does it bloom into burgeoning life
when we lie together in the dark
and we lace our fingers and trail them streaking down our fevered, transient skin
wishing, needing this to last
winding into each other
the way lovers do
finding curved edges to lie against
fitting together in melded harmony
safe within each other
and our racing hearts match a rhythm
that will never falter.


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