Death framed in Still Life

Legs bent unnatural
Deer-like, spindle-like
Drenched in a moonrise still
The birds sing your praises to the heavens
But the heavens don’t hear
They’ve turned you away and left you broken
A silent shade of pale death porcelain
Cold as the ice in comets
But you will not have a bright tail from which to dance the maypole
You will circle lower lower
The faeries and imps will collect your belongings:
Your flame
Your oceans
Your roses
Your sweet honeydew scent
They will take them and keep them as spoils of war
And even your friends among them will abandon you
To the darkness of endless pressure
Until it makes you a diamond.

Death framed in Still Life


I will pry you from my mind
With pale shaking fingers
Gentle as a mother laying her babe to sleep
Yet fearful in the dawning conscious
Of nighttime remembrance
The bed feels wrong without your soft creaks
Your shallow dream breaths
As you wander from mind to mind
Unaware of reality
Of the harsh cold break
Where you die.


Gods & Monsters

“Humans created monsters to hide from the truth.”

“The truth?”

She grinned, her teeth glinting in the silent gloom. “That we are the monsters.”

Gods & Monsters

Silver Writing on Black Plastic Tabletop

Pearl drop silver
Two-tone death grasp
A color-deadly suture
Sorrow to the last gasp

Silver Writing on Black Plastic Tabletop


I collect faults like others collect bones
Because I think it lets me feel
Stockpiled in the hoarded nest in my mind like floodwaters
Waiting for the right opportunity
The right expression
A point of conversation when I can shut it down
And move on
Washing away friendships like stains outed in a river
My fault lines crack like breaks in my skull
Seismic waves throw me off balance
Into a sea of discontented loathing



I can be gentle
I can be fierce
With my words I can pierce the armor of nations
Blind to there exhibitions
Of fear and malice
I’ll tear down their palace
Of ignorance
But I’ll give them a second chance
To do what must be done
To spare one