Legs and Slim

We are so similar, you and I. Can two people be hewn from the same stone, the same soul? I think we could set our hearts together and they would fit perfectly. No gaps or holes. We could hit them against each other, and the sparks would light the fire in our eyes. This is a strange feeling. It’s unlike anything I’ve felt before. You are mine and I am yours and that is all I care about. Dear one, if you asked, I would melt into you, except I believe I already have. Your smile sets me alight when it catches the midday sun and I fear I am burning. But the consuming fire doesn’t cause me pain. It keeps me warm when you’re gone, when I sleep alone in our bed, when I make Coffee For One. When you return, when we reunite, it flowers in my breast like a happy cancer. Oh! How I could die for this. When you smile like that, I know you feel the same. You are my Slim-boy, holder of my heart, and I am your Legs. We are one person, held together by unbending passion, kept strong by long nights and frequent kisses.

Legs and Slim

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