You used your words like swords to cut down my brothers
I hear their screams in the silent stillness of the lonely night
Lying next to you trying to make you forget me
Maybe if I hold my breath you’ll look past my shivering skin
And see the terror in my eyes
But you ride into battle on a chariot of flaming water
To slay more of my kin
I watch you go with my heart in my hands
Ready to drop it in the wretched ocean
This indentured servitude would be easier to bear
If you would stop looking at me with kind sad eyes
You tell me you have no choice
That you would be seen as weak
You touch me gently, bidding me closer
My body betrays me even as my sisters lay dying
A cold rough kiss that makes me forget myself
A whispered word of endearment from the very lips that murdered my brethren
With a raised fist and a shrieking cry
You send my heart to the slaughter


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