Open Letter to my Sister

You and I are so similar. I can’t tell what you’re thinking, but the words that fly from our laughing mouths are identical. People forget our two-year gap and call us twins. I would be okay with that. It would mean we were closer, even closer than we are now. You said I was your best friend, which I find hard to believe since you have so many friends. You say you hate them and I find that intriguing and hilarious. You are slow and methodical and cautious, where I am fast and free and unwaveringly trusting. You are the tortoise to my hare. You will win the race, but I will make it interesting. You are my best friend, even though you hate it when I hug you, and you find my life choices abominable. You hate to read, which puzzles and saddens me, for I dearly hoped you would like my writing. But you love science and the earth and I think you are beautiful for it. You have so many facets and hidden pockets of wonder. Sometimes I wonder how you can be so strong, and why I’m not more like you. Little sister, you’re all grown up. I’m stuck in my childhood and people think you’re the eldest. Sometimes I think that was how it was supposed to be. You are the one I will call when I lose everything, and you will be the one who will help me pick up the pieces. You, of course, will have everything figured out. You will not need my help. You are wiser than people give you credit for, including me, and you have the most voracious humor. I hold my breath when I hear you laugh. When you smile it’s like the sun bursting from the clouds you love so much. You are a fire, and you have the devil’s own curls. I hope you never lose your spark. Little sister, you are closer to me than my own heart. I love you, darling.

Open Letter to my Sister

Open Letter to a Nameless Love

All I know is that I am incomplete without you.

Your existence fills the void in my chest.

The one ripped open by loss and the heavy scythe of the world.

I do not know you yet, but when I do, I will know.

How strange to wait my whole life for this.

For this chance to be incandescently happy, shining so brightly we engulf the sun.

In my mind we are whimsical and free.

We are wild in the meadows at night.

Underneath the full moon.

Who laughs at our intricacies.

Do you dream of me?

I know you must.

For I surely dream of you.

You swirl in my mind like a laughing fog, untouchable, intangible, and yet enveloping me.

I hope you think of me.

Dream of me.

Love me.

I do not think I could bear it if this was only a passing infatuation of my frenzied mind.

I will give you my soul to guard.

And I will keep your heart next to mine.

When we sleep we will lie close enough to hear each other’s patterned, perfect breathing.

And we will try to match.

Although, perhaps we will not sleep much.

Our love will shake the foundations and wake the neighbors.

Who will smile knowingly and roll over.

And we will be happy.

Open Letter to a Nameless Love