Goldteeth’s lover faced the firing squad. Even with her face covered by a hood—in case any of the men were to be swayed by her beauty—her magnificence could not be contained. She was more radiant than the sun, and the executioners burned in her presence.

“Ready,” called the captain, itching to finish this business. He could feel his heart beginning to waver. “Aim…”

“Wait!” cried Goldteeth’s lover, (and the executioners were secretly relieved) her sweet, clear voice ringing out across the execution yard, flying up the steps of the amphitheater to the man who had ordered her death.

The Governor leaned out from his shaded pavilion so as to see the amphitheater floor better. “There is no waiting, milady. He is not coming to save you. You should thank me, really—elsewise you would have spent your life bound to a coward.”

Goldteeth’s lover turned her hooded face toward the Governor’s voice. “He is not a coward,” she declared as the ropes fell free from her hands. She threw the hood from her face as she aimed the gun previously hidden behind her back at the Governor. “And I do not need him to save me.” She fired. The executioners were too stunned by her beauty to move. The Governor lay dying, his breath gurgling through the hole in his throat. He grabbed desperately for anyone, anything that would help him. His servants stepped back, emotionless as they watched his eyes roll back into his head.

On the floor of the amphitheater, one guard stepped towards the captive. She took him into her arms, kissing him forcefully. “Darling, nice of you to come to my execution.

The man smiled, revealing teeth as white and perfect as pears. “How could I miss it?”

The caption of the executioners gasped. “Y-your teeth!”

The man’s grin widened. “Expecting someone else?”

The woman laughed, turning to address her would-be murderers. They gasped at the rows of flawless golden teeth in her mouth. “Gentlemen, I know you to be excellent marksmen. Now that your governor is dead, would you like to join me?” She gestured to the Governor’s shaded pavilion. “Would you like freedom? To steal from those who build their empires on the backs of common folk, to kill the corrupt and answer to no one?” Goldteeth’s magnificence and the events of the amphitheater left no doubt in any heart. She rode from her supposed death with a contingent of new bandits, her gold teeth shining in the sun as she smiled in her triumph.


New things

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while; I’ve been working on something big! I’ll get to that in a moment, but I wanted to give you guys a little update.

I’m taking summer classes and getting very emotionally invested in naps, so that’s monotonously fun. I’m also working at the zoo again, which is better than it was last year, but still not great. My orientation for uni is next week! I’m so nervous! I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m so spectacularly clueless about everything that I might mess up something important. We shall see.
I fell last week and scraped up my legs pretty badly. I looked like I’d been in a car crash! But it’s getting better! I’m not getting as many sympathetic looks, which makes me a lot more comfortable. I’m not the biggest fan of attention. That’s probably not a good thing.
I also went to a wedding! In South Dakota! Where it is warm! I got sunburned! It hurts! I also kissed a German man! I love the mountains! I’m using a lot of exclamation points because it’s late and I’ve been stuck in this car for sixteen hours! It was an overall great weekend!
Okay, now on to the big thing. I’ve been considering starting a blogging series. As in, a novel spread out across blogging entries. I am thinking of making it one chapter a week. What do you all think? Would you like to see some of my longer writing? I’m still working out kinks, so it will probably be a while, but I want to get some feedback before I launch such an endeavor. What do you think? Good idea? Or do you think I should stick with short poetry?

Also, what are your summer plans? What is your favorite kind of sea creature? What did you wish upon a star for when you were little?

New things

Hilltop Promises

You smell like sweet rose petals kissed with sun and dew
Sometimes when I sit up on the hilltop you come to me on the wind
And I feel unrelenting unrepenting hope fall into my heart
Like unbidden water
First a trickle then a rushing raging waterfall that crashes and smashes and gnashes against my brain in the most sadly expectant way
I begin to smile
Yes, so happy joyous
But then I remember.

Hilltop Promises


the blood crept from her throat

and mingled with the water

and seeped into her hair

like the ground they would lay her in

so cold, so cold

no, she couldn’t bear it

they would not put her in the dead earth

not with all the other ghosts

her brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers

who wandered below the dumb feet of the living

in the great maw of hell their descendants had trapped them in

no, she would not share their fate

not she, who had come so far and been so brave

with the last gasp of her spirit, she let go of the world

the gentle stream pried her lifeblood from the open gash

like a delicate mother

fingers of lilies and kisses of currents caught her body

and carried her from its womb

to the open sea.


Legs and Slim

We are so similar, you and I. Can two people be hewn from the same stone, the same soul? I think we could set our hearts together and they would fit perfectly. No gaps or holes. We could hit them against each other, and the sparks would light the fire in our eyes. This is a strange feeling. It’s unlike anything I’ve felt before. You are mine and I am yours and that is all I care about. Dear one, if you asked, I would melt into you, except I believe I already have. Your smile sets me alight when it catches the midday sun and I fear I am burning. But the consuming fire doesn’t cause me pain. It keeps me warm when you’re gone, when I sleep alone in our bed, when I make Coffee For One. When you return, when we reunite, it flowers in my breast like a happy cancer. Oh! How I could die for this. When you smile like that, I know you feel the same. You are my Slim-boy, holder of my heart, and I am your Legs. We are one person, held together by unbending passion, kept strong by long nights and frequent kisses.

Legs and Slim


the water reflects her image

like a rippled mirror

swaying around her face like lover’s hands

caressing each eyelash and half-smile

as waterlilies swirl in her hair

she runs her thin fingertips through the aqueous depths

feeling the dirt and silt of her life sift down to the bottom

sins and lies and wrongdoings

to be stirred up by passing fish-fins

and borne down below

to become one with the earth

dragged to the center

to be burnt up

in a fiery ball




She sat in the empty house.
She stared out of windows with sightless eyes.
As she pulled the blanket closer around her body.
At night she would press her ear to the walls.
The inner creaks and groans sounded like a great ship.
Upon whose back she would ride.
Commandeering other moaning life boats.
And collecting unwitting hostages.
A pretend relationship built on conquest and mutiny.
She thought of the friendships she had allowed to
decay into awkward pauses and loaded sighs filled with looks of pity.
But the ship would take her yonder to the sky.
And set her free amongst the stars.
At least for a little while before
sinking back down
Until she was alone in the house once more.
She cried.